February 19 2006

Being sick REALLY  REALLY Sucks!

I have been sick since Wenesday! They think i have mono. All i have done is SLEEP SLEEP........... and SLEEP somemore! How is everyone! I hope that everyone's weekend is going a whole lot better than mine is! I mean being outta school since Wenesday really sucks! I am so bored in my house there is absolutely nothing to watch on tv. It is all the same stuff. That is really sad when i have run out of things to watch on tv.  Get this..... i even started to watch curling! Or might i say (hurling!!) It was probably the most boringest thing i have ever watched in my life. It doesn't make since to me at all! But, anyway i might go work on my research paper! Now that is EXTREMELY Sad... i am actually going to do homework at home!

Everyone please pray for me that i will get better soon. I really don't wanna miss any more school at all!

Hope to see yah soon!