SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!

February 12 2006

I have had an okay weekend! I mean i stayed home on Friday night and then on Saturday Morning my little brother at 7:30am came and woke me up and said lets go play in the snow! We made a snowman and we had a huge snowball fight! We also made snow angels! It was worth waking up that early! We got about 2 1/2 inches

After that i went to my school to set up for the football Banquet! Then i drove into the boro! The closer i got to the boro there was no snow! It was CRAZY! Well most of the snow was gone when i got home!

At our Football banquet i was honored with a football, jersey, and a HUGE plaque! It was so much fun! We had steak and chicken! It was
DELICIOUS! While we were in the banquet it snowed about another 1/2 inch!

Well guys have a good week!

Hopefully i will upload pictures soon!

Rachael Moore

February 14 2006
isn't snow great! are you going to one weekend? i love you girl! Hope you are having a great day!