June 27 2005
Boy am i tired! Today was rough! I had VBS this morning and it was fun! I mean yah it was hot outside but it all worked out!

This mornin i woke up and went to work and i was so SLEEPY!! I couldn't understand it! I had never been this tired! It was CRAZY! I had a little trouble w/ the kid that i babysit but other than that it was a good mornin!

My mom and dad talked today! It didnt go very well! They talked about me and my cell phone bill and me gettin my own car! Lets jus say the phone ain't gonna be around for a while and the car is non exsistent! Ill jus keep drivin the truck!

This afternoon i fell asleep on the couch at work and slept for like an hour! It was GREAT! I enjoyed the NAP! I talked to my good friend brit and brad today! They made me cheer up about everything! I have to go to court in the morning! I am so excited! NOT!!! Then im goin back to VBS! I have to go shoe shopping for the wedding! Im not lookin forward to it at all! I hate shoe shopping!

I did find out good news today! After this week i am off for 2 whole weeks! It is GRRRRRRRRREAT! Im so excited and I will also have my dads car since he will be gone on a trip! It is going to be great plus no football! I will get to hang out w. all my friends! It is gonna be great!

Well yall i think im gonna go turn in! Im really sleepy!

Love yah bunches,
Ali May

Jason Thacker

June 29 2005
you are a very busy girl