June 26 2005
Hey yall!

Well i have ben so frustrated lately! My father is getting married next weekend and i am in the wedding! He has been spending a ton of money! It is CRAZY! I really dont wanna be in the wedding! But whatever!

This week my cellphone get damaged and i don't have the money to pay for it right now! My dad has two phones that he uses and im gonna ask for that phone while he is gone on his honeymoon! Then there is this whole car situation w/ my dad! Me and my dad just arn't gettin along and im so frickin tired of fighting w/ him! Then my mom and stepdad have been gettin into it lately! It is so dum! They just won't stay off my case! There always yellin at me and it is drivin me insane! But, i sure can't move in w/ my dad! I just can't wait till next summer! I will be GONE!!! It is the stuff that has been happening in the past week that are pushing me even closer to go to school in mobile,alabama! 10 hours from home! I mean i would be away from it all! But who knows what will happen to me over the next 6 months! Who knows what GOD has planned for my life! I wish i did know what he has planned for my life! I've just gotta quit stressing over stuff like this! Well i gotta go to bed! Im gonna work this week at VBS! I will see someof you there!!!!

Ali May

Rachael Moore

June 26 2005
my love! i have been there too many times to count. i would drive to nashville, swearing up and down i was gonna live with my dad, then just get as stressed, if not more there. sometimes i just HATE it all. i feel like nobody understands the whole family thing. my mom and step dad just get so wrapped up in themselves and my dad is just now, after 19 years trying to have a relationship with me. it sucks. my mom was the only one i had growing up, but she hurts me by all the stupid stuff she does. the point of me spilling all this to you is because i want you to know i understand. i really do. and i have learned that God is the PERFECT father. i have never felt like i really had a dad, but in reality i have the best one. God has always and will always be right by my side. he always loves me, thinks i'm great, helps me, encourages me, and understands. He longs to spend time with me. i know if you focus on Him, even if it is hard, he will guide you somewhere so wonderful. He will use you and you will grow close to Him. remember to have hope. hope of a brighter tomorrow and restoration. God will heal you and draw you close to Him. i love you and will be praying for you! i will be helping with VBS as well. so i hope to see you!