March 07 2006
i knew that some people smelt an update!!  so how about school sucks!!!!!  and being grounded is even worse!!!  but oh well i'll get over it.  but there is one person who makes everyday better when i talk to her!  and you know who who you are!  well only like 18 days until mexico!!!!!!  i'm so excited about that and new york in the summer!!  well i got to go and study for a really hard test in 6th period so i'll see you later! 

Betsy Wetsy

March 07 2006
Yay for Alex! well minus the grounding part... Love ya guy! Betsy


March 07 2006
aw yeah i know alex, you make my everyday better too! haha

kaitlin gay

March 07 2006
ahh.. that made me smile =)

Garrett Haynes

March 07 2006
yeah whatever ur jealous cuz i'm more hardcore than you!!!! You think ur all that with your mohawk but I got news fo u girlfriend...you ISN'T!!!!

kaitlin gay

March 10 2006
silly, you need to remove yourself from the "i wish i had a girlfriend group".. because you dooo! =)

Garrett Haynes

March 11 2006
Dude A-TOWN ima have to talk to ur mama and get u un-grounded cuz we can't have you grounded for six weeks that is just not even right!!!! I mean i know u smarter than me and everything but I made a C in algebra and my parents were like oh well do better next time and gave me a slap on the buttcheek and sent me on my way. Well i'll c-ya wednesday I guess. Holla Big Balla. ~Garrett

ami driver

March 21 2006
so how excited were you to see your 2 favorite people show up at your work yesterday?? =) yeaaaa.. and thanks for the lemon cake-- it was amazingggg! love you my little void.. hah.


March 23 2006
HEY.........mexico is in 2 DAYS!!!


April 03 2006
lol yeh we are coming sometime in the beginning of the summer.. its going to be awesome. we are all going to have the best time :) yeh my day was rough but i feel better... me and sarah know how to turn something bad into something good... so were good . i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow ! - elizabeth