boys will be boys

October 10 2006

hey guys have blogged in along time imiss you guys especially all my high school grads but i need to vent so here it goes.....

I lost the only guy i ever truly loved to another gir; my heart fills like a hole I don't like it we talked for a while about it and im not mad at him but i guess we could never be. I don't think i will ever find the right guy for me. I think i was made to be alone the boys see me as friends the girl who can kick thier butt in football or any sport at that matter but none of them are even close to liking me as more than a sports buddy. man i wish i acted more like a girl sometimes.....


October 10 2006
ehemmm... *cough cough*.... who sed that when ever u felt u needed a make over... who to come to.... im tellin u, spend the night w/ me just one night... and i can teach u all u need to know!!! LOL