April 21 2006
Today I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw a person that I had never seen before, someone who is beggining to grow and becoming something actually worth being when I hit walls i find the key and walk through instead of letting them get me down.....when I can't sleep I listen in the silence to gods voice telling me what I need to do. I pray more, I love more, I am me more and no matter what anyone else does that can't take that away, I admit that I struggle alot with many things but have found that if you place it in gods hands it will be ok......if you let him lead you will never want to leave because the peace that you feel when he is around is unmistakably awesome. He is the only one that can take away your pain and calm the storms that crash around you and when you are down and theres no one to talk to he there. he hears your voice even in the tinest whisper he knows how you hurt he sees what you are going through. he cares so why don't we just place our problems in his hands?