Not be moved....

July 14 2008
Ok, I've been thinking about writing this for some time but was waiting for the right time. I think now is. So here it goes.
I've learned a lot in the past year. Things that I didn't necessarily want to learn the way I did but they were things I needed to learn. But, I can't blame the way I learned them on anyone but myself. We all have choices and decisions that we make. Some good and some bad. I've learned that I'm not who I once was. I've come a long way but still have a long way to go. My one problem is that I allow the my past to define who I am. I have found that I truly am my hardest critic. It is so much easier to say that I'm moving on and letting my past be just that my past then to actually walk that out. 
I remember very clearly what I chose to do on July 16th last year. I chose to do some things that I have yet to get over. I never want to find myself at that place again. I want this year to be different. I want God to take complete control of me and use me for Him. I want this year to be the point that I totally become all that God wants me to become. I really don't want my past to define me anymore. Pastor Steve was talking about how the battles we face are spiritual battles and how when we have done all that we can just to stand. Reggie Dabbs talked about standing against the "lions" in our lives. Not running from them but chasing them down and killing them. Not being moved. I will not let the choices that I've made to decide what I do from here on out. 
"I am a great sinner, but my God is a great Savior." - John Newton 
(I like the way they said it at church better.) "I am a great sinner, but my God is a Greater Savior."