How Tamara got floored.

January 02 2008

Today I got floored. Yup, in one shot I was down! It struck me out of the blue. Well, not really but it did shock me that it happened. The pain of it happening was pretty extreme! I nearly cried. 


Here's how it happened. Me and Jar were trying our hardest to get out cat (Tom) out of the house and back into the garage. So, we came up with the idea of Jar chasing him down the hallway and then I would catch him at the other end. All went well until it got to the part of me catching him. You see, Tom runs hard and he has a hard head. So, when I stepped in front of him to catch him he rammed his little head into my leg which had a bruise on it. I went down. It was so painful. And I thought he was hurt but he went trotting past me like nothing had happened. I was totally floored. 


January 06 2008
lol thats a sad but funny story :)

Kaelynn Malugin

February 11 2008