Because of Austin....

October 04 2007

Yes, Austin you are a inspiration for this post. : )


The question of what a good reason for breaking up would be. Here it goes. 


Is saying that you don't love that person anymore a reason to break up?

 I don't think so. Love isn't just a feeling but an action. Love is sacrificing and not always having things going in easy but sticking with it anyway. How can you honestly say that you don't love someone when you have been telling them that you did for so long? You can't. Unless, you didn't really love them in the first place. Oh yeah, you most likely were attracted to that person but you got tired of them and so you somehow think that is a valid reason for turning around and being a jerk (yes, I said jerk) to them. Somehow, their beautiy or handsomeness starts fading and you don't think that they are attractive or they aren't a challenge anymore. You don't have to try to get them to go out with you anymore and you find someone else who is is a challenge. Some else who will play the game with you. And yes, it is a game. ( I have a feeling this isn't going to make people happy) 


 The other question, Is saying that you don't like someone a reason to break up with someone?

 No, because you shouldn't have ever gotten into a relationship with them in the first place!!! What are you basing your relationship on? Are you basing it on how they look or what their personality? If you are, your stupid (yes, I mean that too). You should be looking at their character and their beliefs. And if you got into the relationship without first looking at these things, then you are abviously to immature to be in a relationship. If you don't like someone after a couple of months then why in the world would tell them that you loved them? Because, in all of these kind of relationships you do say that you love that person. 


 Well, I need to go so it's not really wrapped up all that much, but this will have to do.


Tyler Lowery

October 05 2007
idk about a lot of this, some of it has great points but others i disagree, but i do think that not liking someone any more is a great reason to break up with them. Ha if you just went on in a relationship that you didnt love the other soerson that sure would suck now wouldnt it. AND I guess you are calling me stupid because when i found that i liked Grace i wasnt planning on spending the rest of my life with her (lol) I just thought she was (in my childish words, which i most the time do not do now) thought she was "hot" and i thought her personality was pretty good. So i asked her out to be bluntly rejected (lol) But look at us now we are 4,000 miles away from each other and she is still the love of my life. . . .wow that was long

Erin:: lub my flower.

October 05 2007
i agree with a lot of this , not all , but a lot . <br> Love is the most overated & underated word in the world. < br> a lot of people do base relationships on looks , and popularity, and personality :: when they really do needda look at beliefs too. <br> & i think your totally right when people get tired of the other person they break up, ad think its dumb. but i dont think dating is a game , i dont think dating is really the problem , just like guns nt the problem for all these murders :: its simply the people behind them. I think you can love someone, and break up w. them , but its true you just cant stop locing the & lastly LOVE IS NOT a CHOICE! :) thats it...

&hearts; eyes...&hearts;

October 05 2007
I LOVE THIS!!! but the ONLY thing i do disagree with is you CAN break up with someone and love them. I don't really know if that was in the 'thought' but elizabeth said "I think you can love someone, and break up w. them , but its true you just cant stop loving them and lastly LOVE IS NOT a CHOICE! :)" But i agree with that. Love's not a choice and you can't change who you love. and someone else can't TRY TO MAKE YOU CHANGE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry, personal thing). And i think in a relationship that it's perfectly fine to be attracted to someone (on the outside) because that's how some relationships start. Someone sees an attractive person and decides to go talk to them and finds that they are 'the one'. Someone told me one time that they thought love was loving everything about someone, well no. I don't agree with that...because I don't think you CAN love every single thing about someone, you might think you do, but that would probably be a little crush. WHOA this is way off topic, but i get carried away sometimes. the end


October 05 2007
Most people are inspired to live because of me. True story


October 07 2007
oh and I agree with Elizabeth.