Prayer for Jarred

October 03 2007

Hey everyone,

 We just got a called from Jarred ( which isn't suppose to happen unless something is wrong) and he said that he is on his way to the hospital. Apparently, he got bit by a spider last Thursday and is just now going to the hospital. It's starting to turn black which isn't a good thing. So, for all of you could keep him your prayers that would be super-de-duper!!! Thanks! 

Tyler Lowery

October 03 2007
ok i will pray for him right now

♥ eyes...♥

October 03 2007 shock! definitely will pray

Kaelynn Malugin

October 03 2007
oh my gosh I'm so sorry I will be praying for him!


October 03 2007
Are you guys going down there? Does he fail the course

Erin:: lub my flower.

October 04 2007
oh my goodness! my poor kid ... this is terrible! ... I definetly be praying for him , let me know whats going on.