Melynthia Starks


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Oakland High School



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R&B, Soul


March 21 2006
wats up folks its yo gal pal Lyn! Imma be back in school 2 morrow after 3 days of OSS. Imma be glad to see yall! Much luv to my partna Jo Beal! Imma see ya when i see ya boi!


March 14 2006

One night with a stranger

To fufill my dreams...

Temptation was callin but i couldnt answer the phone,

I hope you understand

Your body was callin

But my mind had the upper hand

You stroked my body

With the ease of a musician

Making me reach the highest of notes

Playin great music for my soul

You've opened my minds to things that can be

Setting the standard quite high

Givin more than receivin

Cause you are just that kinda guy

Promised one night

To fufill all my dreams

How everything wrong felt so right

As i held in esctacy's scream

One night with a stranger

The man of my dreams

Stepped into my life

And made it all right


February 15 2006

photo from Zhae


February 15 2006

photo from Zhae