Just an update... I guess lol

July 22 2005
YES! I finally got a profile picture up here, lol.. I don't know why it wouldn't work before. So yeah.. that's lovely ol' me-- =D Bein' goofy and dumb... anyway.

I know I don't use this phusebox very often, but I guess that's because I have xanga and myspace too, and idk sometimes I kinda forget that I have a phusebox.. but I've only had it for just a little while now, I've still gotta get used to the fact that I've got it lol.

But.. having said all that, I think I've come to a conclusion that I should take a break from all blogs for a while. I don't know WHY really.. but I just figure, no one REALLY wants to read what I've got to say anyway. It's mostly pointless whatever junk that doesn't really matter haha. So, I'll just take a break from blogs for a while (even though I haven't really used this one) I really need to work on getting all my summer work done, and I'm just too pre occupied with other things, that right now, just aren't as important. And I guess I'm gunna go back to my journal journal, like my paper journal. I've never neglected to write in it, I just don't write in it as often as I used to before I had all these blogs. Half the stuff I talk about when I update blogs, no one really understands anyway because I don't use names, or I don't fully describe the situation or something like that, just because--most of the time it's pretty personal stuff, and it's just nice to at least get some of it off my chest. But I think I've figured out that I don't need to just get some of it off my chest, I need to get most of it, or ALL of it off my chest. And I just can't do that, because I've learned this summer, that it's not THAT hard to hack into things on the computer as I had that happen to me and two other of my friends earlier this summer.. *eye roll* Anyway.. thanks for giving me your attention a lot of the time (those who read my other blogs hehe, Elizabeth, Sarah, Alex), and taking time out of your day to read and comment and care =)... I really appreciate it, you guys are wonderful!!!

But yeah.. I guess this is it for a while--
I'll still check back and read/leave comments...but I think I'm going to try to wing myself from these things as best I can lol... Don't know how long it will last but, ya never know. =D

Take care, Talk to you all soon!


Sarah Vermillion

July 22 2005
I required myself to take a 2-week vacation from blogs last year. I didn't even log on to check my comments. I didn't even notice it, really. I will miss your blogging, though - this is the only way we really keep in touch! *cries*