What is LOVE?

November 15 2005


So... I've been wondering... and I'd just like to get a few people's opinions...

What does love...real love mean to you?

Henri Laswell

November 15 2005
i'm glad you think so. and i really can't define love in one brief remark. it's got so many aspects to it and there are so many different types.

Kristi Pate

November 22 2005
I agree with the above. But I also know that real love is what Christ showed and offered to all of us. Luv yah Cass.

Candi Ramsey

December 15 2005
I use to be able to write a book on this topic, but i honestly dont know anymore... love, is unexplainable to me now. i dont even know if i believe in it anymore.

Henri Laswell

December 31 2005
thanks. same to you. have a wonderful new year.