My List Of Crappy bands

October 30 2006
Yes I Stole this idea but thers's nothing else to do.......

Pearl Jam - Huh? I don't get it...
Foo Fighters - What's a foo? And why are we fighting it? I know it's some military reference. Point for alliteration though.
Bloc Party - What happened to the 'k'?
Arctic Monkeys - Just bizarre.
The Subways - Boring
Death Cab for Cutie - Death cab? Cutie? Hmm not liking where this is going...
Queens of the Stone Age - Again, too weird.
Coldplay - Coldplay? Cold play? Playing in the cold? Playing with cold? Hmm...
The Presets - Just reminds me of setting up a VCR and then I get all confused
The Postal Service - Just terrible.

Nirvana-an extremly overated band liked by way to much people who have only heard three songs

slipknot-Gimmick pop band with no talent that capitalizes off of conformist teens that enjoy crappy music.

Simple Plan -Crappy band that has a lead singer that sounds like a Pre-teen girl. One of the many bands that are driving the rock genre into the ground.
Thanks to bands like simple plan rap is taking over and rock is going downhill.

dashboard confessional-
a crappy emo band with terrible lyrics, terrible music, and terrible fans
my brain will explode if i listen to anymore of this crap

 New Found Glory- Relatively harmless as is, albeit a little too chipper for a band whose songs are mostly about breaking up with girls. Though it beats all those unsigned punk bands whose name is a variation of WE ACTUALLY ARE NOT VERY GOOD. Mostly, New Found Glory gets on here on a technicality. They were originally called "A New Found Glory," & officially dropped the "A," because their dumber fans were apparently having a hard time finding their CDs in stores. Or maybe it's the store clerks' fault. So the technicality that makes New Found Glory bad is that some fans & anti-fans still insist on throwing in that indefinite article in attempt to boost their punk rock credibility. I don't think you have to worry too much about having punk rock credibility if you're talking about New Found Glory.

Green Day-Despite popular rumors, the name is not a Soylent Green reference, & it's not something the band overheard on "Sesame Street," but the real story, albeit less stupid, doesn't really make up for it, either. The idea behind the name of the band, which was originally the name of a song, is simple: a "green day" was how they described a day made up entirely of pot=lol. Which I guess is fine when you're 18 years old, & it's years before stoner humor got popular & annoying, largely thanks to Half Baked, but if you're going to make your band name something that you think is funny, step back for a minute & consider whether you'll still think so in ten or fifteen years, when you grow up a bit. Otherwise you'll end up like these guys, spending the first two minutes or so of your "Behind The Music" special talking about how you have one of the worst names in rock. Look: I love Green Day, but I can't omit a band who agrees with me...

HIM- HIM is another band name that gets on here on an observational technicality. It's the shortened abbreviation of the band's formerly full name, "His Infernal Majesty." Which, for the record, is one of Satan's many names. The band dropped the full name, because they didn't want people to think they were actually satanists. But, you know, having their logo be a half-heart/half-pentagram wouldn't make parents think that at all. Nevermind the unintentional connection with a certain devilish Powerpuff Girls villain.

Korn- Completing the nu-metal trifecta of bands who discovered each other, Korn was a name chosen under the impression that it would be hard to forget. After the band's manager said they'd never get a record deal with a name like that, frontman Jonathan offered to name the band after the manager, himself. He then got the band signed as Korn in a matter of months. Yeah, it is hard to forget, & that's part of the problem.

Hoobastank- Leave it to a band as generic sounding as this one to come up with a name that sounds like a dirty word, & not in the haha he cursed sort of way. In the way that can only be said with either an inflection of excitement from a bouncy ditz, or with several shades of disgust by anyone with taste.

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October 31 2006
what do you think of: Entry Point, Incognito, or Seventh Day Awakening?