June 15 2006

So yea... i'm startin a band and we need a drummer

and it's pissin me off 'cause no one plays drums

so if ya play drums and are interested in join'n a screamo-ish band lemme know...



June 15 2006
join the club....starting bands sucks baaalls.


June 16 2006
oh no....i am so crushed. i need a hug like woah. i wish you'd sign on. i need to vent!! lol!


June 17 2006
you mad at me? we haven't talked in a while.


June 19 2006
hey, yeah, lol! sry, idk what the hell i was thinking. i knew you weren't mad at me, it's just that was a bad day and i was like "why does everyone hate me?!" lol! well, good luck with your tests and such and if i dont get to talk to you then i guess i'll see you when i get to ny. love ya! -holly


July 04 2006
hey. so i really need to say this and it can't wait until you get back. i'm sorry for our argument thing and i really hope you're not mad at me. its just that you're my friend and i hate to see you hurt so bad...and i'm going to drop the subject now. anyway, i miss you! and i hope you're having a super kick ass time at camp. see ya when you get back! -holly

nick l

July 29 2006
ya bro, i be yas drummer ha ha, but if ya ever need a scream trumpet bro, give a ring