May 29 2006


bored...sooo...ARG!<==thats a pirate.

peace out homeslice's...


May 31 2006
bleh. i'm so bored! lol! sorry it's taking so long to make your cd, but i'm trying to clean my room so i can find one of my cds that has some songs i really wanna put on there...and knowing how nasty my room is, that coud take a day or more days!!! i hope you're as excited as i am, but maybe it's just because i have waaay too much spare time on my hands. dude. i really need a job. haha.....oh well...only another week. but anyway...if you've read this far, then i guess i'll just talk to you tomorrow. i heart zac!! lol! later kid.


June 12 2006
woah. false alarm. it's not blocked. i thought it was because earlier when i got on it said forbidden or something weird. i dunno. lol! i feel stupid. anyway, ttyl lovely. -holly