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Crazy Train

July 09 2005
Hello all, how are you guys doing? This summers not too shabby. I'm flying again but i have to take a week off to counsel at HHCC next week. After that i think I'm going to Florida?? Well, if there's any left after the huricanes. We'll see. Later everyone...


Rachael Moore

July 09 2005
ah my love! you posted! too bad you weren't at the airport today. sad. we need to go 4 wheeling again soon! and i guess we also need to hang out! i haven't seen you in forever! hope everything is going well in your world. and hope to see you soon.


July 10 2005
I'm going to MTSU.


July 11 2005
i just went and everything was borded up so good luck with the FL thing...but i dont think ne thing will be left cuz only half of the stores that got messed up in Ivan..were put back together