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I love god♥...

September 27 2005
She’s calling out to You,
This is a call; this is a call out,
'Cause everytime I fall down,
I reach out to you
And I’m losing all control now,
And my hazard signs are all out,
I’m asking you, to show me what this life, is all about

Today's been simply amazing.
the only bad thing that happened?
My friend thinks I like her exboyfriend...
I don't know if it's cause I hug him, but I hug everyone. I don't get how you can have a good friend and like if it's of the opposite sex people tend to think that you "like" them...pretty sure that's not how I roll.
I'd tell the guy if I liked them 1st off,2nd I wouldn't do that to a friend...I mean man I would rather not know her and her hate me for talking to him than for her to think I'd do that to her. UGH...

but yeah, like I said, other than that, my day has been pretty amazing. Dad's not in a good mood, but o well..hopefully i'll get to go to chirst church tomorrow..it's going to be amazing...i miss everyone!! ahh...well yep..that's about it♥


September 28 2005
ex-boyfriends can be tricky things...

Abby Dee

September 28 2005
y'know.. pretty sure i saw you at the roosevelt's concert last week. (hugs are pretty dang cool.)