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September 14 2005
I hate this feeling...
I can't move on
or anything
everything I do
reminds me of him somehow
and now i'm going crazy..

random little lyric.
I've made Goals
and such for myself,
and since I'm cool,
and bored, I'm gonna post them!

1.Live life for God
2.Abstinance.((so good so far!..lol))
3.Find someone who really cares about me.
4.Go to college.
5.Enjoy atleast 4months of highschool.
6.Go to Canada.
7.Move away from Murfreesboro by the time i'm 21
8.Make someone have a better day.
9.Tell someone how I really feel.
10. really sing in front of someone.
11.Not care.
12.Stay outside for 14hours.
13.Get a cosmotology license.
14.Record a Demo.
15.Swim in the Pacific Ocean.
16. Have a boy take me on a date for ice cream while we walk.
17.Really talk to someone in person about how i feel.
18.Help someone.
19.Runaway for a week.
20.Stop feeling this way.
21.Mean something to someone.
22.Spend a day with a friend in another city more than 40miles away.
23.Find a youth group.
24.Get two more ear piercings.
25.Learn to play guitar.
26.Be the cool aunt.
27.Be unsarcastic
28.Be happy


September 14 2005
oh, you have some cool goals.


September 14 2005


September 15 2005
but i was there!


September 15 2005
yeah! i've noticed you around.. those are some good goals. it's not hard to find someone who really cares about you... im sure you have lots of friends that do, but as for guys.. you just have to know when they're worth it or not... :]


September 15 2005
haha yep, lareisa's friend, that'd be me haha enjoy your half day tommorrow