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September 11 2005
Tell me how to feel
by:Sarah Gearhart
Won't you tell me how I'm suppose to feel,
when everything so surreal
I can't find,
a reason to believe,
anything is possible
but nothing, nothing
last forever.
I can't,I can't take all in
as my mind just spins,
everything I thought
was good just burned
to the ground.
I have my faith,
to keep happy now.
My friends are there to comfort me,
Oh how blessed I seem,
and everything I take for granted,
has become something more,
than just a little thing.
Won't you tell me how i'm suppose to feel
when everything so surreal
I can't find,
a reason to believe,
anything is possible
but nothing, nothing
last forever.

Getting stuff off my mind:

I don't know whats goin on with me,
all this relationship stuff is tearing me apart.
I lost my bestfriend,
and then I'm told pretty much
that i'm not loved anymore..
.ahh..I can't go to church this morning either
..this sucks...
I'm sick of gas prices,
and I'm sick of stupid feelings.
I hate love sometimes,
I mean why do I have to feel this way?
It was all alright then BAM!
I ruin everythingand I don't even know how,
and it's not"it's not you it's me" it's me...
this is crap

most of that is bull..just
talkin from my mind..
But I keep having this feeling,
somethings not right.
I can't just move on,
and I can't stop thinking about him.
nothings working for me.
I get out of the house,
doesn't help.
I may laugh for a while,
a couple of hours even,
but then i just end up terribly upset.
I can't take this.
Why am I so messed up.
Why do I mess everything up.
What is wrong with me.
ahh, i need to get stuff straight.
I need to get away from everything//everyone
I wanna go somewhere.
I wanna runaway.

Brett Tenpenny

September 11 2005
I am going to rape your dog.


September 11 2005
I definately have been in your situation b4 ... and really its the damn guy whose a selfish ass hole that likes to mess with our minds ...I know it hurts like hell bc in a way right now Im kinda going through something with my boyfriend ( hes acting different) but you know at our age right now boys are horrible with relationships... but Im sry ... I dont think u messed it up he is just being an ass ... i dunno guys are jackasses sometimes ... my boyfriend Chris like is acting like he doesnt even want to see me anymore ... its seems he has no interests .. i dunno ... oh well Im not going to get worked up about it but Im praying for u and Im sure everything will be okay later ... luv ya ~Sarah~