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September 10 2005
You can take everything in you to love someone,
but if it's one sided, all it's going to do is fall.
If you take it in,
and believe it will get better,
and you trust God to help you,
it will. Just trust in God.
Everything I've learned in life
has brought me to this,
I can't go on thinking that
how I feel is the most important.
I'm selfish.
I've thought of the circumstances
I have led myself up to.
I have reason for them all.
They all Begin and end the way
they are suppose to.
I'll stick with my faith.
It'll help me through.

I was thinking about the line in forrest Gump
when Jenny says "Do you think I could fly off this bridge forrest"
and I actually understand it.
I feel it,in som aspects.


September 10 2005
i knew it. tennis girls are cool? i mean, i don't know any so.. that would be a little accurate. anyway. i love you more Moomie Numba 1

Rachael Moore

September 10 2005
thank you so much for your comment! i think you are very pretty too! i love your hair! i had my hair like that for a while and miss it. hope you have a great night!