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Heartbroken again...

September 10 2005
so i thought everything was gunna
work out..maybe, a few months
"broken up"
but now he tells me
we probably won't ever get
back together...
so now i feel like
i'm gunna be sick..
I just, i don't know,
Its funny how much
I love you can hurt..
when it gives you false hope
and the lies seem to
keep coming
and you hurt even more.
1week ago it was
over for a little while
2weeks ago we had a 2day break
now it's over for good?
yeah so i need to get otu before i do something
really stupid..

Chris Slate,

September 10 2005
wow have i ever been there


September 10 2005
erm. you'll get a boy in time. --it is interesting. you know serena/venus williams, and how they scream everytime the hit the ball? yeah, well that's what i sound like when i don't make a goal [in soccer]. the end.