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August 13 2005
I hate showers
haha..but im gunna go take one soon
but yeah...umm im listenin to TLC
and man,i forget how much i liked them
when i was in like 6th grade..haha..im so cool
pshhhhhh kidding
umm..well school starts Monday, officially...
I hate siegel
i mean, i guess,all schools would be alot like it
but o well...i love my friends
they make it worth spending
7hours in a prison enviroment..haha
kidding once again
but yah
my schedule you ask?

1st-Biology Honors -Manning
2nd-English II Honors-Garner
3rd-Women's Chorale-Gregory
4th-Geometry Honors-Sullivan
6th-Spanish I-Craver

so yep...heh...well i guess this is
probably the dumbest post i've writtin
in a while so i'm gunna go

Brett Tenpenny

August 13 2005

Bekah Thoe

August 16 2005
hey hey sounds fun! i havent gotten my schedule yet...james is in my mini school...shocker! anywho we had fun today it was hilarious i love to be around james he makes me feel worth it!