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July 18 2006

Have you ever had the feeling,
where your heart skips a beat.

&& you relize how happy you feel.

&& you're scared that it'll end.

but your just happy you feel so great.

where everything is so wonderful.

i'm overcome with joy,

just out of nowhere.

happier than i've been

and the relization of my life right now,

is becoming clearer

&& I see how truely blessed I am.
..butterflies perhaps?

&& after last time;;
i told myself i wouldn't fall again.
then i saw him smile,
&& I broke the promise to myself.

Jessica Byrd

July 19 2006
you two are so cute :)


July 19 2006
AW sarah! is this your boyfriend?! I didn't know you had a boyfriend! awwwww.... good luck sweetheart! you deserve this!

Ben Moser

July 24 2006
gooood song.


July 25 2006
aww... u two r 2 cute!! hehe glad he came to his senses...