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April 23 2006
I found this letter.
I wrote it this summer.
&& I was reading some of the things i had written;
it was really actually quite insightful.
so I just thought I'd post it;;

Love is a flame that burns so bright and lights up your personality in an instant, it's a torch that brings a sparkle to your eyes and makes even the worst day every, better...It's when everything is so wrong and becomes so right;; when he hugs you and looks you in the eyes...just that perfect happiness and the way you feel whe you hear "i love you" and you know he meants it, and when you say it back, he knows you mean it too....love is wild, it's the Lion in the jungle of emotions...it leads you and gives you hope .. Love is kind...strengthens the weak, gives hopes to those with little...and the agony afterwards is only a small price to pay, for that feeling you find, even if you don't think it will ever come to you again, but you know, it will, and when the chocolate is gone and the sad movies are over, you'll be okay and you will be able to get up, with your head held high and yours spirits raised, knowing, even if you don't have that guy, you have so many people who love you...even if you can't see it every minute of every day...Love is amazing.

&& on that topic i thought i'd write my love speech i had to write for speech class real quick.it's like traffice, it speeds up, slows down, comes to a hault, sometimes you're stuck in it with no way out, sometimes you even get angry. Heartbreak like car wrecks and idiots with no clue. This is all in relevance to love.
As one of the most misused words in the world today, love has caused alot of controversey. Take Romeo and Juliet for instance, was romeo not love sick over Rosaline, before meeting Juliet? This is as common now as it was in the Elizabeathen Era.
  It is a complicated emotion that can only be described as undescribable. We as humans have thdeveloped the dependency for love. We write songs about it, watch movies about it, there is even a day devoted to it. Love seems to be everywhere.
   Think to yourself, have you seen,heard, or used the word love today? Got one?I'm guessink of ing most of you could think of more than one. Love is on binders, greeting cards, billboareds, tatoos, bathroom stalls==People tell atleast one person they love them everyday, in the hallway, in notes to take up sace, love truely does seem to be everywhere...
   Some are in love with eachother, some love religions and some just love themselves. Love is not what you wear, where you live, love supricsingly can't be baught at wallmart or reasonably on Ebay. Love is sitting through an episode fo the wiggles with your little brother, love is staying up with a sick child, it's selfless. Llve is waking up next to someone with morning breath and frizzy hair and still thinking they're beautiful, it's seeing the twinkle in the old couples eyes, past the wrinkles, a love like wine, aged with perfections, love is blind.

&& i lost the rest of the speech..but that's it.
oh well. just felt like putting that out there.


April 23 2006
alright. <br>um. not sure what day would work, but I usually don't do anything on mondays or tuesdays.

Teresa Smith

April 23 2006
wow. That was simply amazing. You have such a gift for writing..for truly expressing yourself..I loved it girl...just...amazing.