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I'm hard to remember, but I'm impossible to forget.

April 04 2006

I feel ultimately; completely...

sometimes i wish i could just say...

other times if i did....and i would be sad.

Then i realize...and everything is ok.

ahh that was interesting.

i'm addicted to tab energy drink/hair products/eyeliner

welcome to the world of Sarah

I have the most complex mind imaginable.

I speak what i feel && I remember

almost everything that made me sad; or upset at myself.

I have to write my feelings out;

otherwise i'll blow up...and probably get angry.

I have a low attention spand.

i want to talk on the phone for hours about everything.

I wanna be someones everything.

I have no hope. because i'm obease

except i'm not really obease; i'm just weird.

I don't lie
; other than the fact I say things,

then immediately tell people that's a lie.

it's true; I really don't know what's wrong with me.

Sometimes I think it's hard to tell my feelings,

and when i try;i hold it in.

i have my own dirty little secrets.

although no one knows them really.

Maybe a few people.

oh well..i'll amount to something.


April 10 2006
hahah that everyone poops thing made me laugh haha :p <3 -sarah


April 12 2006
you are my everything mrs. denery


April 15 2006
:] yay.