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March 29 2006

Ahh so this Spring Break
officially started Friday after school,
but my Spring break starts tomorrow;
I'm heading down to Ft. Waldon Beach.
I'll probably be the whitest person there.
I need a tan desprately..lol
My Great Uncle Bill died last night.
I didn't know him but I'd met him a few times.
But atleast he's not hurting anymore.
My Aunt is down from South Dakota.
She's really cool.
She's younger than my brother,
but she's 21 so it's cool.
I love hanging out with her=)
I had to babysit 2nights in a row,
and one of the nights included
me waking up at 4:30 in the Am
to clean up puke...not pleasent.
but yeah, I got a hundred $ for it;
which was hella sweet.
but yeah that's what's been goin on.

Hope you guys have a great end of


April 02 2006
sarah!!! i cannot wait to see you again. it seems like it's been forever.