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January 31 2006

He's so cool.

Okay so I'm an angry little girl.
and I'll just vent on here,
so take note this is not to offend anyone;;

So Ms. Gregory posted the list...
&& I didn't make stage manager.
I wasn't too highly positive I would make it.
but she put me as a dresser again, and
that was perfectly fine..
till I read who made stage manager(s)
Okay, so the main stage manager
was the dress mistress last year,
she skipped out to go to Jazz fest
and left me to do her job.
How frikkin reliable.
&& THEN there's the fact
that there are 2 freshman assistants,
first off-Is it not one of ms. Gregory's big statements
that Freshman don't get stuff like that,
but there are 2.
second-yes I am jealous of that,
seeing as how i've worked my butt off to
get this, and last year I put in
SO much, and I get to be a dresser again?
I was thinking she'd take something into consideration.
It just makes me so mad she'd do that.

but that's my ranting,
the rest of the day was alright,
I came home, ate pizza,
fell asleep at 5
and was woken up by a phone call at
uhh 10:30 =)
haha, It was nice to sleep.
I went back to sleep at 12:34ish
and woke up at 6:00 this morning.
so yeah...lots of sleeping.

I'm babysitting this weekend,
then Keith Urban the next next Tuesday,
and the following Sunday,
yay I get to get out of town =)

but that's about it.

Jessica Byrd

February 01 2006
hit her with a fish!

Becca Hicks

February 03 2006
you know what? i love my sarah, too!!!


February 03 2006
2 words that will make you feel better... MRS O'STEEN! I LOVE YOU A LOT.


February 04 2006
gladd u like my pic