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January 02 2006

Runaway with me...

School tomorrow.

Oh boy....bahhhhhh
New Years went well.
Hung out with Amber, had
BEAUTIFUL weather.
yeah...so that was nice.
I got to go walking and such,
and I've exercised every day
for the past week=)
I was excited.

Nothing big is happening.
so I guess that's about it.

Anthony Myers

January 02 2006
New Years is great.

Michelle Waddell

January 03 2006
aww! me too me too [ive been walking every day this week] its fun eh = ) haha.. so after its our birthday & we're big girls.. we should go work out together, sounds fun! hah have a grrreat day gal, <3

Teresa Smith

January 03 2006
We neeeeeeed to hang out. I need my "Sarah fix". yeah yeah yeah.

Rachael Robertson

January 04 2006
nice pic

Teresa Smith

January 05 2006
hmmm, I think u r awesome. :-)