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December 11 2005

So I went Christmas shopping.

I'm not finished.

I got the family gifts.

I wanted to get this

Cookie Monster Lamp.

When you push the button it goes


and lights up.

I think I played with that for

about uhh 20minutes



3half days.


I'm ready.

doesn't feel like Christmas though.

Hasn't for quite a while.

It needs to snow.

or something.


Monday-RTA play

Tuesday-Exorcising maybe

Wednesday-not sure

Thursday-Midterms {half day}

Friday-Midterms{half day},

Charlie Brown Christmas.


Emilio Estevez

December 12 2005
that sounds like the coolest thing ever...i wish i knew where it was so i could go get it for someone...someone meaning myself...you have to give yourself a christmas present.