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November 24 2005

riverdaleplaya08: wow....
riverdaleplaya08: i am thinkings.....
riverdaleplaya08: ks
riverdaleplaya08: .
riverdaleplaya08: of alot of things
riverdaleplaya08: like
riverdaleplaya08: ...
riverdaleplaya08: nvm
Wastedinthesoup: you know what you're like
Wastedinthesoup: a preview...you get so much into your story...and then i don't get and ending
Wastedinthesoup: you craka
riverdaleplaya08: lol
riverdaleplaya08: u called me a craca
riverdaleplaya08: =P
Wastedinthesoup: i know
riverdaleplaya08: u wanna know what im thinking??
riverdaleplaya08: i feel like albert einstien or somethin
Wastedinthesoup: that you love me more than anything and 2 plus 2 is four
riverdaleplaya08: i am always thinking that i love u
riverdaleplaya08: but im talking about the random stuff
Wastedinthesoup: hehe yeahhh:-)
riverdaleplaya08: and im thinking beyond the point of 2plus 2
riverdaleplaya08: pssh i love u more than my new icon thingy
riverdaleplaya08: !!
Wastedinthesoup: lol
riverdaleplaya08: sarah
riverdaleplaya08: how do do not walk on the grass signs get there if u cannot walk on the grass??
riverdaleplaya08: and why are circle pizzas served in square boxes
riverdaleplaya08: and if ur borne ear-less and ur sorta blind.. can u wear glasses?
Wastedinthesoup: yes
Wastedinthesoup: because it's easier to carry a box instead of a  circle
Wastedinthesoup: && U stand on the sidewalk to put the no walking on grass signs up
riverdaleplaya08: u have questions for my answers
riverdaleplaya08: i think ima blurt all them out to u
Wastedinthesoup: lol
riverdaleplaya08: because ur like... geniousX10
Wastedinthesoup: lol not really
Wastedinthesoup: i'm just a smart ass
riverdaleplaya08: hehe
riverdaleplaya08: do stairs go up or down?
Wastedinthesoup: up
Wastedinthesoup: cause you can't start at the top of them when building
riverdaleplaya08: if the sky is the "limit"....
riverdaleplaya08: what about outer space?
Wastedinthesoup: it's unlimited'
riverdaleplaya08: can your earwax be lit on fire like a candle?
Wastedinthesoup: probably
riverdaleplaya08: if u ding a pot on ur head, does the person next to u hear it or only you?
riverdaleplaya08: why are french fries no longer vegetables even though they are just potatoes cut up and friend?
Wastedinthesoup: they hear it and they really are, someone just lied to you
riverdaleplaya08: oooh...
riverdaleplaya08: arent the good things that come to those who wait just leftovers from people faster or more greedy than them who get there first?
Wastedinthesoup: no, not really
riverdaleplaya08: i was called cute as a button by my grandmother today... are buttons all that cute?? :-\
Wastedinthesoup: yes they are
Wastedinthesoup: the cute ones
riverdaleplaya08: why was yankee doodles hat named macaroni
Wastedinthesoup: cause beef stew would just sound silly
riverdaleplaya08: who thought of squeezing the dangly things under a cow to get milk?
Wastedinthesoup: mr. cow
riverdaleplaya08: who was the genious who thought of eating the things that came out of chickens butts but not ours?
riverdaleplaya08: LOL!!!!
Wastedinthesoup: a person on chicken island
riverdaleplaya08: whoa...


Wastedinthesoup: haha...hit me up wit dat email craka
doovhies: Bitch! What u playin at?
Wastedinthesoup: shooo yoo kno
Wastedinthesoup: don't make me take my earrings out
doovhies: mmhhhmm, u betta take dem out befo i go latina on yo white bitch ass self
Wastedinthesoup: shoooo no he didn't...don't make me break a nail on you
doovhies: Slut! I'ma bite yo nose off!!!
doovhies: Your burning nose
Wastedinthesoup: shooooooo do me a fava' then...
doovhies: lmao
doovhies: That one got me
Wastedinthesoup: haha you nearly had me there
Wastedinthesoup: I feel gross.
Wastedinthesoup: All that incorrect grammar
doovhies: Yeah, You should take a shower and wash the stupid off of you.

Wastedinthesoup: lol yeah...it's alot better saying it in person than on the internet...you get the feeling of it
Wastedinthesoup: haha
doovhies: Isn't everything like that Sarah
doovhies: Hah
Wastedinthesoup: Yeah.
Wastedinthesoup: LIke that type battle we just had would have been more fun in person
doovhies: lol, We could have acted it out...
Wastedinthesoup: and taped it...
Wastedinthesoup: we could have even made Jerry Springer
Wastedinthesoup: except you'd have to be my cousin/uncle/father/boyfriend
doovhies: Who says I'm not?
Wastedinthesoup: true..
Wastedinthesoup: now we need a DNA test to see if your the babies daddy
Wastedinthesoup: for my twin black children
doovhies: I aint got no bagies
doovhies: I aint got no babies niether
Wastedinthesoup: shooo they yours they yours
Wastedinthesoup: they got yo nose
Wastedinthesoup: and they got two eyes, juss like yoo
doovhies: Nah, dey got yo nose cuz I fed it to dem
Wastedinthesoup: ooo what bout skank ho barbie, you been seein her when you been sayin you workin'...i ani't a foo...i don't believe that mess
doovhies: I'd rather be with skank ho barbie then fettucine alfredo barbie!!!
Wastedinthesoup: scuse me, juss cause he is a dragqueen on weekends at Ocharley's don't mean you need to be talkin bout him, he brings in mo' money than yo broke azzzz
doovhies: yea, well.....I'm gonna eat yo driveway
Wastedinthesoup: go ahead, it'd be doin me a fava
doovhies: lol, we are straaaange

haha so yeah...very inetersing

Nick Hawkins

November 24 2005
Woo! Lmao, I love you Sarah Gearhart...


November 25 2005
aha, wowww.

Chelsey Montgomery

November 25 2005
dangit. ITS NOT BEN. i was reading that 1st one without knowing who it was........

Ben Moser

November 25 2005