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November 23 2005
I went to applebee's today with my girls.
We had fun...pretty much spent 20/30minutes in
Dillard's bathroom, and got kicked out of
American Eagle...but hey it was awesomely amazing.
I love those girls to the highest extent!

Then I came home,
went to my aunts, babysat for 2.5 hours.
Then hung out with my family who critisize
every single word you say,
and everything about you.
Not to bad this time.
My Aunt is down,
She's more like a cousin it feels.
[She's 20] && She's pretty cool.

I'm not feeling too great, but
I am probably going on a trip this weekend,
to Myrtal beach [yesssss]
I feel like i'm planning over stuff,
but i can't remember.
I hate the feeling of "I think I forgot something".

Do you ever feel like you just wish somebody
would call, so you could simply just rant a little,
or talk about something sophisticated, or atleast
a little meaningful. Oiy, I rant on this bugger
pretty much all the time, non meaningful of course,
and it doesn't really give me feedback,
but yah know. See, I love hanging out with
my girls...they're wicked cool.
I just have this weird connection that
I hang out with my boys more.
Don't get me wrong,
The 6 or so girls I actually hang out with,
are amazingly cool...but I just get this
comfort from my guy friends,
I'm less confrontational with girls,
and I get along with guys better.
Sometimes I just feel like nobody cares.
I mean, my family has no feeling tward anything.
It's nice to hear encouraging words once in a while.
Take for instance this:
So my sister made honor roll.
They gave he 100fucking dollars.
WTF??? I've made honor roll
every year since the 1st grade.
It's not jealousy, it's just like,
what am I, chopped Liver?
I mean, they don't focus on me,
simply because i'm not a problem child.
They have no clue what I've gone through.
My problems. My friends.
They see me as the good kid,
who's every single mistake is critisized extensively.
It sucks.
I just want to feel,
wanted i guess.
Maybe that's why I date losers.
hah. Gotta stop that.
I don't know if it's cause I'm sick,
or just thinking that I feel like this,
but there it is..
ahhh well, i'll shuttup.

[This is Melly Melt...she's pretty cool]
Tomorrow's Turkey Day.
Don't eat to much.<3


November 24 2005
aww that picture is so cute! & i had such an awesome time yesterday! we should all definitely hang out again.. it would be so much fun... i hope you had a great thanksgiving sarah! <33