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November 21 2005
Aye me.
Today was quite interesting.
here's the school day:

1st: Labs
2nd:Sub, we just did vocab.
3rd:Christmas music,
We're singing winter wonderland
right now, It kind of sucks.
4th: We got our test back,

there's a story behind this pic,
but I don't feel like typing it again.

Nick hit my ear and made me bleed.
haha. It was humorous,
then this girl like sat on him.
Now that was
humorous to the extreme.
5th:Mrs. O'steen was
out of the class
the whole time.
We just sat in there,
talked on the  phones,
and just chilled.
6th:Nothing really.

So that was highly boring.
but then I went to starbucks
with my Teresa!
It  was so friggin funny.
I love that kiddo.

other than that nothin really.
I saw harry Potter.
that leaves Rent && Just Friends
open for you all.
Wednesday is totally packed.
Thursday:Turkey Day.
If you wanna hang out,
call me or something.

[615] 513-5685
{my cellular}

I love these girls.

can you give yourself lipo
with a vacuum cleaner?

Nick Hawkins

November 21 2005
aww, I really didn't mean to make you bleed. hah. And um yea, Janelle is friggin craaaaazy!! At least you got some entertainment out of it...

Chelsey Montgomery

November 21 2005
hahahaha ohh gahh that picture is hilarious. that night was great. wednesday is gonna rock if everyone can come. you, me, LN, em, chelle, & zabeth. <3

Nick Hawkins

November 21 2005
Okay, I'll be looking forward to it

Nick Hawkins

November 21 2005
Haha, yeah

Chelsey Montgomery

November 21 2005
applebees. we gonna walk around the mall after. haha <3

Jessica Byrd

November 21 2005
you know all the hot guys (hehehe) mmm but yeah the lipo thing, i wouldn't try it unless, however, you have a good warranty on your vaccum. see you in biology in the morning :)

courtney kelley

November 21 2005
SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great week dear. God bless.

Teresa Smith

November 22 2005
So I got one. Yes, when it comes to peer pressure form Miss Sarah I'm oh so weak. :-D Love you babe!