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Maybe the absence of signs is a sign

November 20 2005
a fortunate accident. [Serendipity]♥

Me mum bought me
The Phantom of the Opera,
House of Wax, && Frank Sinatra's greatest hits.
All are simply exquiset.
I am singing in front of 30 some odd people tomorrow.
I'll probably pass out.
ahh well.
I'm no in love with the movie [Serendipity]
It's such a great movie.
Very interesting for the wandering mind.

I want to be a cosmotologist.
or a stylist for the stars.
[movie stars that is]
Aye me...if you need a stylist,
hire me..haha.

I can read...really.
haha I  love reflecting on the past,
just the good things.
aye me...wanna se wayyyyyy back in June...

o well...
I guess i'm gonna go.
I need something to do
this coming weekend,
anyone wanna make plans?
i need to see

-Harry Potter
-Just friends

so yeah, make plans make plans:-)


November 20 2005
I saw Harry Potter....it was really good! Yeh I want to see both of those other movies also , I have seen Rent like so many times ( like on Broadway) but never in a movie, so I hope it turns out well :)

Chelsey Montgomery

November 20 2005
ooh i wanna see rent!! haha <3

Becca Hicks

November 21 2005
i love you too!!!!!!

courtney kelley

November 21 2005
ah. I want to see Rent!

courtney kelley

November 21 2005
& Just friends