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November 15 2005
So today was pretty uneventful...
Nothing is really going on .
I wrote this post like 5minutes ago,
and it deleted itself when i hit submit.
I wasn't very happy.
here's pretty much what I wrote:

What happened today:
   1st-I showed up late because my dad was held up in work.
I didn't realize i was gonna be late till about 8pm.
He ended up getting here at about 20 after so
we take livvy to school, and I'm thinking "what happens today"
and I really didn't remember, and so i walk into Biology only
to find they are taking their practice writing.
I was about 15 minutes behind everyone,
so I had to go sit in the hallway.
Therefore I missed about 10minutes more of the class.
She had draw a drawing that looked like sperm,
and of course my name was next to it....of course.
So we mainly just chilled the rest of the class.
   2nd-We did vocabulary and grammar.
Me and Kayla decided to sing random songs.
we were singing "easy" and then "under the sheets"
[Our rendition of "under the sea"]
It was amusing...so we "group" worked on our homework,
got that done before the end of class...
   3rd-we sang....Christmas music...I miss "I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause"
I also missed my Becca Hicks....aye me...
  4th-We went over  the study guide.
then me and Nick got married...by Ellen,
who was pretty much the wedding. It was funny.
Lunch was kind of dull...I feel like i get on their nerves
like half the time, then it's fine....I just am secluded in myself,
and i am lonely cause because of that.
  5th-skits...I love that class...it's amazing, as are the people in it.
we are doing an oral interp of any song...i think i'm gonna do piano man,
by billy Joel....it's one of my favorites...
  6th-I came in 15minutes late,
simply because Jessica and I decided we had to pee REALLY bad,
and we told her, and she let us go....so therefore we did.
and that was fun...then we came back and conjugated verbs.
and that's basically it...other than the telling Jared he's a woman..
that was pretty fun...

So i come home to find out we have to go out to Rockvale,
and we go to get my Grandfather, and take him to The nissan
place over near Jackson heights....then my pops took me to
Ruby Tuesday, and we celebrated my sister making honor roll.
&& Now I don't feel very well...nonetheless the food was good.
This week is prety busy the rest of the way through.
Tomorrow Im hanging out with some awesome amigas.
Then Thursday I'm exorcising with Lareisa[love that lady]
&& Friday Bowling && SPending the night with
Haylo and Whitney...fun stuff....
I'm free Sunday and then next week,
Monday and Tuesday are free...Wednesday
I have to babysit for like 2hours...then Thursday
is Turkey day...and Friday who knows...
My family isn't really in to celebrating much anymore.
We have no more than about 5 people during the holidays.
Thanksgiving isn't really a big deal anymore I guess.
1D...1C...2B's...2A's....average report card grades...
I'm beginning to loathe school..aye me.

well i'll stop ranting now...
I'm gonna get off soon,
haha...i love storms...
I wanna go run in the rain,
alas, it's lightening....


Photography is a passion....Brings out the things inside, through color and scene...it's the remedy for a bad day.

Chelsey Montgomery

November 15 2005
i cant wait for tomorrow. yaye. <3

Nick Hawkins

November 15 2005
Oh yes, my wife...

Jessica Byrd

November 15 2005
hey i had to pee gettng married already? i'm going to talk to you tomorrow about that

Becca Hicks

November 16 2005
pretty sure i missed you too!!