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November 13 2005
My cousin's wedding was last night.

It was really cute..my feet hurt really bad by the end though.
Me and livvy had to dress up, which was crap,
but it wasn't too bad,
we ended up going to Kroger and running around,
just cause we thought it was funny cause we sounded like horses.
haha. School tomorrow...kinda lookin forward to it(weird right?)

I didn't feel like smiling..haha
There is a kid on Figure it out with a mullet.
I love old school Nickolodean.
Okay well that's about it...
here is a picture of my feet:



November 13 2005
weddddings are cool, you &livvy are adorable, and i'm sorry about your feet lolol.

Donald Allen

November 13 2005
sweetness.... i wouldn't know anything about heels though....

Chelsey Montgomery

November 13 2005
eww feet. haha <3

Michelle Waddell

November 14 2005
aww, this is so nifty! i <3 this hah way cooooooler than stupid xanga = ) i NEED to see you! its been well you know, forever & forever = gay

Nick Hawkins

November 15 2005
Hey Sara...rat tail is no more.

Chelsey Montgomery

November 15 2005
sarah, i freakin love you. "cuz its youuu & mee & all of the people" ahaha call me bout tomorrow. &hearts;muah&hearts;