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Where'd all the good people go?♥

November 04 2005

oh the aida days...

yeah, we're that wicked cool

i miss my hair...

my order:

I want a large order of Banana pancakes,
so we can pretend like it's the weekend.

with a side of a friggin huge hug.
and Mountain Dew to drink.


does anyone else think that spicy peanuts are the shizz.

I'm hangin out with my teresa tonight. YAY!!
I love my fwends.
keep it gangster you guys. REAL gangster.

--What are your views on stem cell research?
--What would you change about our economy?


November 05 2005
i don't do well with spicy foods. i bet you and teresa had fun hangin' out.. i miss her. ugher. um. and my view of stem cell research? i honestly don't know enough about it.. and economy stuff. um. idk. ahhaha, i'm so not in the thinking mood. it's like.. 7:30.