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November 03 2005

confusion makes me angry.

I loathe alot of stuff.
Life's been kinda crazy.
I'm sick of stress and
not "getting it"
and i'm sick of the fact that I got to the most highly
equipt highschool in the county, possibly the state, and
we have teachers who don't know what they're teaching.
I pity the fool who hired them.
[pardon my pun on words]
So this weekend [minus tomorrow]
I have nothing to do.
But I do have free minutes for you
to call me and tell me we are hanging out.
yep. haha. I feel like singing in front of alot of people,
or putting on a performance,
I wanna go to walmart or the mall and just
make people look at me like "WTF"
I want to get in a verbal argumentation with someone,
and win. haha. random yes, but me none the less.
I have a tendency to notice peoples shoes.
and then there's the fact I can make someone smile,
Well, i'm gonna go buy a ringtone [woow]
oh and i'm gonna eat wicked awesome pizza.
I know your jealous.

10 Firsts:

First Best Friend: Berger Bear

First Screen Name: Babyblues409

First Pet: shawna

First Piercing: ears

First Crush: Kolby in 2nd grade

First Music: Metallica

First Car: n/a

First School: MNP

First House Location: murfreesboro, tn

9 Lasts:

Last time you smoked: 2months ago

Last thing you ate: pizza

Last Car Ride: from school

Last Movie: Fox and the hound

Last Phone Call: Lareisa when i got out of school

Last CD Played: Nat King Cole's greatest hits

Last bubble bath: like 5months ago

8 Have You Evers:

Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends:yes

Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope

Have You Ever Skinny Dipped:yah

Have You Ever Been on TV: yah

Have You Ever Kissed Someone and Then Regretted it: yep

Have you Ever cheated:on homework

Have You Ever been on a blind date: kind of

Have You Ever been out of the country:nope

7 Things You're Wearing:

1. ex-boyfriend shirt

2. jogging pants

3. bra

4. earing

5. earring

6. earring

7. earring

6 Things You've Done Today:

1. eat

2. talk

3. myspace

4. school


6. do homework... oh wait i haven't done that yet

5 favorite things In No Particular Order:


2. music



5. my new candle

4 People You Can Tell Anything to:

1. berger

2. kayla

3. amber

4. bobby

3 Choices

1. chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

2. hugs or kisses:depends

3. pens or pencils: pencils.

2 Things You Want to Do Before you die:

1. Have a family

2. Sing infront of alot of people

1 person you wanna see: ...

Is it me or do my eyes look white.


November 03 2005
they are bluish white.

Nick Hawkins

November 03 2005
Its you

courtney kelley

November 03 2005
oh my gosh! you're so white sarah!! lol

Anthony Myers

November 03 2005
You look mischevious

courtney kelley

November 04 2005
lol, sarah you're crazy.