A Good Friend

July 06 2005

photo from ValPal8605

This entry is dedicated to the lovely lady right here with me and is the one and only Miss Molly Kumpf! We werent best friends for the past 4 years, but she knows more of my secrets and aspirations than almost anyone. She played clarinet with me and I well shes like a sister to me and today I realized I havent called her since graduation. We promised we wouldnt lose touch. And yet here its been a little over a month...It makes me sad, cause if I am failing on keeping in contact with her, my lunch buddy, my fellower clarineter, my partner in crime at most band practices... then whats going to happen to all my other friendships... *sigh*... yes I realize Im being overdramatic, but thats what these things are for :-P

grow up...

July 05 2005
I am soo sick of these childish rumors. My older friends were right. It doesnt stop at high school because some people cant grow up...

I need you here right now to hold me, and to tell me everythings going to be alright...

18 more days....


July 02 2005

photo from ValPal8605
This is most of my class from VBS...

la de da

VBS this past week rocked!! I love everyone at my church. They are all soo nice and accepting. I can be completely myself around all of them without a care in the world

My family is down for the 4th of July weekend, ok so just the grandparents, an aunt, and 2 cousins, but its still fun. I loove my (extended) family. I think thats why I cant wait to have my own family soo much, because I want to have a big family to add to the crazyness lol. good stuff.

So everything is turning out to be a little bit tougher than I thought it would be. I just miss him soo much...but I can make it. Only 21 more days!

I still have something else I have to take care of though... yeeeeah...

not soo bad

June 29 2005
You know, this whole predicament I have is turning out to be not so bad. Its actually making me realize a lot. Like how important something was to me, and how retarded I was to let it go, and how lucky I am to get it back, and all that good stuff...
I feel a lot different about everything this time around. Definitely a good different. I like thise whole maturity thing that has kicked in for me :-)


June 27 2005
well.. heres to a lonely summer...and road tips to Tupelo, Mississippi, Indianapolis Indiana, and Baton Rouge, Lousiana


June 25 2005
wow, do you guys know how much this sucks

I just made my mind up about something and I think its being ripped away from me... He hasnt made his mind up yet, but he wants to do it... its a great opportunity. That would mean I wouldnt see him all summer though. I never even really got to say goodbye either...So this is what real sadness/hurt feels like...


June 24 2005
So Danny is going to MTSU now.
I am going to TTU still.
Kyle probably wants to go to MTSU now.
Stephen is going to TTU still.
Sarah is going to UT still.
Alex will be at TTU.
Thank God I know I can count on Rachel my roomie not to back out on me!
I dont want to lose touch with any of these people... Im sooo scared that I will though. Gosh I dont know where all these nerves about this came from. I can only imagine what it will be like come end of august.

Savannah, GA

June 21 2005
Im in the good old Savannah!! I LOVE it down here!!! i miss some people bunches!!! *sigh* You guys should call me sometime. I get back on Saturday.. tomorrow we go to the beach!!!


June 18 2005
I feel like I can be more open on this thing since not everyone and their mom has one. woohoo. Alright this entry is about something I thought about this morning when I had a revelation about my love life. hehe. Ok so, I have decided that I am ready to settle down and find "the one." I am getting older and I finally realized that today... I've got a handful of friends married, and even more engaged. Now Im not by any means saying I want that right now, but a few years in the future I honestly wouldnt mind being engaged to the man of my dreams. I want to have a family young but before that I want to have a couple years with just me and my hubby to enjoy ourselves. I love the thought of starting my family of 8 (6 kids plus me and Mr. Right). I know I cant force any of this to happen and I dont wnat to force it cause then it wont be genuine. But I honestly have had enough of these silly relationships I go into one after another... From now on Im just going to wait until "he" comes along and sweeps me off my feet... *sigh*


June 17 2005
Ok so its official I am the worst at anything that has to do with a relationship. I fall to quickly and fall out or get distracted even quicker, and in the end I wind up hurting really awesome people that I have grown to care about. I wish I could change this, and everytime it happens I swear I will...but then it just happens...
I'm sorry to anyone out there that Ive hurt...

Back to that...

June 14 2005

photo from ValPal8605

This was me sophomore year. Appearance wise not too much has changed. But so much more has changed other than that... Things were so much more simple then. Everyone still had their innocence, and if they didnt no one knew about it. Bowling on a Friday night with your best friend was as good as it got. You didnt feel the need for "other things" when you were hanging out. I wish we all could go back to that.

Road Trips and Late night swimming!!`

June 14 2005
Man, yesterday was the ultimate in summerness (yes made that word up and theres nothing you can do about it!). I went on a mini road trip to the lovely city of McMinville with Kyle and Danny for Kyle to go to court for the ticket he recieved when we were up at the cabin! Hanging out with those two is always fun!
Then for supper I went out to LaSiesta (in my top 5 fav. restaurants) for supper with Sarah and David. I love those guys!! Sarah is my pepper, she spices up my life, but sometimes makes me sneeze!!
After that we (kyle, valerie, sarah, danny) decided we wanted to go swimming. So we go over to my aunts house and swim/warm tub (the hot tub wasnt very hott lol) till around 10, when we proceeded back to my house to watch Ladder 49 because they are wanting to be volunteer firefighters and me and sarah wanted them to see how dangerous it is!
See what I mean about the awesomeness of summer!!! ok thats the last insanely long entry about nothing that I will ever write...

Here We Go...

June 08 2005
well here we go, Ive started another one of these... and I must agree with Miss Tenpenny... I think I like it better. Well not much to say. This summer has ben pretty awesome so far. Ok I'll write something of actual meaning in here later!!!