Photo From ValPal8605

July 24 2005

photo from ValPal8605

Those people in that picture there are the most amazing people I have ever met. Thats my youth group, from a year and a half ago. We have doubled in size since then so thats a blessing but its still the same centered loving Crazy for Christ group. I have defintiely struggled in life and made some pretty big mistakes but all of that is gone now. I had the most life changing weekend ever. God was at work in my heart before I ever went and all weekend I had kinda been toying with the idea of being a youth minister but I wasnt sure if it was right for me so I just really prayed about it all weekend. And then Saturday night during adoration. The holy spirit filled my body and I was apparently unconcious cause I was laying on the ground, and God was there and he was talking to me and telling me that I needed to follow him and devote my life to him and reach people like myself. And that he loved me and that I could do this, and to just say yes. Next thing I know, I "woke up" and just started prayin about it... and one of the leaders from my church came over to me and whispered in my ear "God told me to tell you to just say yes." ... thats when I knew... So this new change in my life is definitely going to be a difficult road considering my past and the people I have surrounded myself with, but I know God will provide for me...

Elisabeth Barber

July 27 2005
you are so gorgeous..just thought id tell you. glad you had an amazing time. dont know if you remember me, im elisabeth, i work at ritters..?