Truth and Understanding

July 21 2005
Theres nothing I can say to make my thoughts clear to you or anyone else. I feel like my life has become an abstraction.

If anyone doesnt already know, I'm legally blind in my right eye.

My parents don't feel I should get a job during the school year because they don't feel i could handle it and school work. simultaniously.(Such trust.. such indeed)
On the other hand, the child support checks my biological father writes go directly into my hands now adays. This has become my primary source of income. (In other words, I feel like a total bum and that I'm being forced to be)

I am Invinsible

July 17 2005
So, I'm Invinsible.
I picked up poison oak today, and I didn't break out. Therefore I am invinsible.

I drank alot of Sun Drop a little while ago. Tis good stuff. Go buy some..

The new Harry Potter book is good, go read it.

Someone gave me a copy of Super Mario 64.. but i don't have a N64. Heh..


July 16 2005
I've been awake for a good 35+ hours now.. I think im getting a little hysterical.. oh well.. Call me, I'm still alive yah know. 848-4557

EMO? Did you mean Elmo?

July 16 2005
I think Emo kids would just feel alot better if you gave them a BIG hug. Maybe that would make them less whiney.Heh.


July 15 2005
So I've learned to cook. I have cooked breakfast everyday this week, but havent usually been awake for dinner.

I have come to the conclusion that i have become a very clean and orginized person.

TRESemme is an incredible shampoo. >_< My hair looks Ten times more awsome and clean than ever before.

So where is everybody?

July 10 2005
I feel so freaken deserted. Where did everybody go??


July 06 2005
So, dose andybody like cake? I sure do!

Currently Watching: Batman
Currently playing(Music): The White Stripes
Currently Washing Hair with: TRESsemme(ooh la la)
Currently Hoping: For something to do
Currently Afraid of: NOTIHnG! I HaVE TOtaL CONTROL
Currently Dating: Nobody: I'm a loser.
Currently Hating: Nobody: I'm a hippie.


July 05 2005
I'm back. Enjoy it while it last. Lol

My life

July 01 2005
My life is extremely boring. I need something to do so bad. Thats it. I'm out; be back when you see me online.


June 30 2005
Today, I have money in my pocket.
Over a 100 bucks, at least. (I know I sound materialistic, but bare with me).
As for the DS, bought one: construction work is hard, but worth the effort.
I learned to play a couple new songs this week. I think im half descent at guitar by now.


June 09 2005
This has ntohing to do with fire, but hey, it sounded cool.

So, I'm saving up and buying a DS. There going to have an wireless online network for it soon, and prolly have something cool for it like aim express.

I want a takamine 12 string acoustic.
I also want a PRS custom 24 with clean humbuckers.
I also want a Mode 4.

The Sega Dreamcast

June 06 2005
The sega Dreamcast is the best system in the world as of 6/6/05.
I love you all.