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August 22 2005

photo from Trademarkofdoom

I write, and I come to a conclusion. "What if stu was radioactive?" So..


August 21 2005
I'm so tired. Just stretched out like taffy. But...
I got tons of good music this weekend.

Beatles: Sargant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Killers: Hot Fuss

Everclear: Sparkle and Fade

Finding Steve Cunningham

Opinion: The Lies It Brings

The concert at the Cherry Tree was incredible. I met a bunch of awsome people, and heard some good music. Good Times indeed.

I know, You've heard it all before. But I just got one of the biggest headaches of my life. If I ever get in a relationship that you know will crash in firey flames, kill me.

Give me a break!

August 19 2005
Is it against some unwritting code of ethics for a guy to comb his hair once and a while? Crack Grannies people! I have like A biggillion pounds of hair on my head! I need to keep in brushed and cleaned or else it looks like some dirty greese monkey. Give me a break.

P.S. Those who attempt to counter my entry with the "cut your hair, its just that simple" response, shall be tarred and feathered by an army of Civil War reinactors.

P.S.S. Bob Dylan is freaken awsome.


August 18 2005
Ok, If your questioning some of teh comments that I left on your site, don't. When I wrote those it was at 2 in the morning and i was so tired i could barely keep my eyes open. I'm sorry for any confusion.

"I cannot buy you happiness, I cannot by you years;
I cannot buy you happiness, in place of all the tears.
But I can buy for you a gravestone, to lay behind your head.
Gravestones cheer the living, dear, they’re no use to the dead."
-- Lyrics from the Dirt Silver and Gold album

what a day...

August 17 2005
Ok, I'm just flat out tired.. I've done way too much in a short amount of time, and I'm drained. I'll try to get around to everybody( because I care) and check up.

I just got out of an Officer meeting for Y.A.W.S., and If you go to OHS and are interested in the great world of art, see me about joining. We really need peoples support this year; The Celebration of the Arts is in jeperody of not being held at all. Only relatives and close friends ever showed up for our performances, and after all the money, time, and effort put into such a huge performance, we barely filled half the auditorium... This makes me sad because I had to FORCE myself onto that stage: I have the worst case of stagefright and it all the strength I had just to keep myself in sound mind. Y.A.W.S. is really important to us, and we need a few good recruits with a mind full of ideas...

Thats all I got to say right now, I'm exhausted..

By the way, I love you guys.

Ah, rest.

August 15 2005
Ok, I just had a burst of energy. I'll be checking EVERY friend who has updated since my previous response. It will take some time but, hey, give me a break.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is now story time (everybody circle around and listen heh..)

This past weekend I learned of my father's childhood. He took me to Hickory Hollow mall, but afterwards we ended up over near Hermitage, then over by the Old Hickory lake and the DuPont plant. This also happens to be where he was raised through alot of his childhood. He showed me his old house, his favourite hangouts and most of what he hadn't seen in 40 years, and it was a shame of what had happened to it. Once grand and lush farmland was now vaccant, overgrown fields barracaded off from the public with long rusty fences. His old house now condemned and falling down; his favorite tree struck by lightning and incinerated, just leaving a hollow shell of the decaying tree. Afterwards, we drove through Mt. Juliet to Lebenon. We ate at the only Pizza Hut in their town, and It was great. This is because they still have the big dine in restaurant with the salad bar (totally awsome). Afterwards we took Cainsville Pike all the way back to lascassas. Cooincidentally I used to live in this road, and got to see my old house... well, where my house USED to be: its now just an empty feild and lot. It got tore down last year. It didn't matter, I guess. Its a shame how much we phisically we lost of our childhood, but in the same sense, my father and I just realized how great our lives have become and how lucky and appreciative we really are of what we got now.

Too long of a day

August 15 2005
It has been too long of a day for me to describe it right now. I still have to get my notebooks organized, so I give my regards and love to my friends.

I'll update with a story later.

I wonder..

August 12 2005
I wonder about the state of the world sometimes. Mostly, when it hits me in the face. My mother got dropped from Tenncare. Tenncare's demise was an accumulation of greedy pharmacutical companies, their ties with pushing antidepressants onto any shmo who shows sign of anxiety: just ask my mother. My mother's doctor visits are still covered by whats left of Tenncare, but she has to pay for her medicines. She's in no trouble, but I start thinking about people who depend on these medicines to function and live an ordinary life. Heck, even to live. People commonly dissmiss it as the "equal opportunity" schlock, but they soon forget that not everybody is smart enough to get white-collar job, and not everybody can make 200 grand a year and live in a 2 story house with all the works. I hate it. I hate it so much when I see people living legitimate lives as best as they can suffer just because of a few bills passed through an government office.


August 12 2005
If you go to OHS, odds are that your schedual is messed up. So many people I talked to are having problems with their schedual this year. I have two errors in mine that I had to pink slip. Bah Forget school. ANARCHY IS THE TRUE JUSTICE OF AMERICA! REBEL!!

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August 10 2005
I just had a memory shoot to my head of when I was little and my big sister was chasing a chicken around Our friends yard.. Crazy.

Does anybody remember The Travelling Wilburies? No? The supergroup made of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne? Still don't remember?.. Shoot.. guess everybodies missing out on something great. Lol


August 10 2005
Well, my mother forced me to go to Wal-Mart with her today. Bad idea. We both had a horrible experience, because it is the day before school starts and there were a million people in their on top of the million that are already in there :sigh:... and people ask me why I don't like Wal-Mart? It wouldn't be as bad if the management was straitenned out and the parents of the unrully kids running around in front of me all the time would maybe make them behave? If I had ever done anything like that when I was 6-10, my parents would have left everything behind and taken me home. No discussion. Parents just need to learn to discipline their children without violence. It isn't that difficult. My parents did it.

A Cat on Valium!?

August 09 2005
Yeah, thats right. I saw a cat on valium today. My mom's friend had moved into this new house and the cat freaked out. So she took the cat to the vet and they gave the cat a prescribtion for valium. Truely an amaizing experience.

Glitches big time

August 08 2005
Ok, So I was making a new Phusebox for my friend cause she didn't feel like dealing with it. But, I had a major error occur. Even though I did Sign out and close out of the trademarkofdoom account, It still edited my profile to be hers, so I had to go back and re-do my entire account, AND I'm registered as a new user despite being on here for the past 3 months. That Sucks!

:Edit: Ok, I've cooled off a bit. I kinda just threw a fit above, and I'm feeling better about the whole situation

:Edit: People kept complaining I looked grumpy in my profie pic. So there you go! Hah!

Photo From Trademarkofdoom

August 08 2005

photo from Trademarkofdoom

These are the Monkeys of Doom. Behold their awsome powers...

Photo From Trademarkofdoom

August 05 2005

photo from Trademarkofdoom

This is my vehicular transport for the majority of my junior year. I like to call it: coolness on wheels. Don't you agree?

Photo From Trademarkofdoom

August 03 2005

photo from Trademarkofdoom

This, my friends, is my hair. I love my hair. It's my second best friend(My first is my guitar)

Stitches!? Your Kidding!

August 01 2005
So, the swelling went down on the inside of my mouth and i discovered one side of my mouth has had stitches!? Weird.... But that explains why that side's swelling has decreased the least amount. The other side is back to norma. but still hurts like crazy. I'm calling the dentist' office tomorow so he can explain what the devil is to happen with these stitches and whether or not the desolve or need to be removed..

The Recovery

July 28 2005
I'm still recovering from this nightmare. Today my mouth was so swolen that I could barely open my mouth (or close it) So i've been eating milk shakes and Ramen noodles all day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, i love this stuff. I'm pretty tempermental and probably will be for quite some time.

Wisdom Teeth

July 27 2005
Well, I had my wisdom teath removed about 2 and half hours ago. The sedatives are finally out of my system, and the pain has begun. Soon the Hydrocodine the dentist gave me will kick in. Ughhhh

A day in the Life

July 24 2005
So, Saturday my stepdad rescued a baby mockingbird that had fallen out of its nest. Not but about 2 minutes after this occured a hot air balloon suddenly appear'd over the trees hovering dangerously low to the giant oak trees of our yard. We took a few pictures, but unfortunately we ran out of film as it hit right above our house. I mean it was so low and so close that you could talk to the people. Crazy.
Later that day I went to town and bought some new Chuck Taylor's(aka converse shoes) from Hot Topic. I'm up to a size 13 D (equivilent to a hobbits foot)and that means you take what they got or go to another store, they only had green low tops and didnt hestiate to buy them( but I do like them, theyre greeeeeen after all). I also bought a Pixies CD and the great movie, Clerks.
I wrote an acoustic song this weekend.( I had a stroke of genius) It sounds good to me.
The Pixies Play the Grand Ole Opery: October 6th!~