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October 13 2005

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Me on one of my bad days. Be glad I don't have them anymore.

Mmm, the good life.

October 12 2005
I feel a sense of peace and security right now.

My heros: George Harrison, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash

My parents: Dianne Myers, Maurice Myers, Dennis Harper.

My dreams: To study the arts and explore the world.

My true home: Murfreesboro

My religion: Self Practiced Christianity (though I do occasionally enjoy visiting my friends' churches)

My belief: Live life to its fullest, love your fellow man, and don't get to wrapped up in the small stuff.

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October 09 2005

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Give Respects to the Dark Horse.

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October 06 2005

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I want this guitar


October 06 2005
I'm feeling better today. I get the car friday. So.. anyone wanna do anything?

To My Friends..

October 03 2005
I still am surprised in how even half of everyone reading this has been able to put up with me. I'm not perfect, and often I have had trouble with people. I try my hardest to be a good person and to be social, be alas, I still perceive myself as a failure. I know it may seem to be self doubt, but I could do better.

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October 03 2005

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Stu Boyce and Tony Myers: Hittin' da town ye 'ole school.

Woah, normality 1.1%

September 29 2005
Hey! I'm back on my normal sleeping schedual again! I just woke up and its 4 (a little early, but its close enough) and I'm doing my spanish homework. Sorry I haven't updated in so long, but I'll get around to checking everyones bloggin in a few. Take care folks.

Party for me!

September 22 2005
I get my liscense in the next week( as soon as I get the waver from my eye doctor..). So, now I get to bum my parents car until my truck is fixed. But hey, I still get fridays on the good foot.

edit: one day.... i talked to stu and...

Trademarkofdoom [1:05 AM]: swhing!
dEa thLam MA 9 [1:05 AM]: what can i say, i got a thing for epileptic women ;]
Trademarkofdoom [1:06 AM]: sweet!
Trademarkofdoom [1:06 AM]: thats gotta go on phusebox
dEa thLam MA 9 [1:06 AM]: haha

3-D glasses will never work on me...

September 21 2005
...because I'm blind in my right eye.

Ok, I'm trying my best people

September 18 2005
Give Tony Myers a break. Hes tired.

Ok, So the concert kinda flopped thanks to the cops. Thats what we get for living around hillbillies with headaches. Oh well. It was still good. Redford showed up and told us his story about how he took Highway 231 all the way to Lebanon by accident. He is so cool.

I've decided that after college, I'm moving to Nashville to seek a job in the art scene (good luck to me~!?--- Note: I am alsow currently aware of how Naive I sound by making that statement.) Anbody have any suggestions OTHER THAN leaving Tennessee (cause I won't and can't.. I have obligations :-/ )

Attention All!!!!

September 16 2005
To all it may concern: there is a concert bennifiting Hurricane Katrina relief. It is at the cherry tree Cafe, Saturday, the 17th from 6-11.


September 15 2005
I was looking through my vinal collection, when I found a poem scribbled on the sheaf of one of the albums. I don't know who wrote it, but it was atleast 20 years old, and it it was about my father and my deceased uncle.

It made me think of simpler times. Childhood is such a great time. Everything is new, and solid. The security and the trust of your parent's word, as though they could never do wrong. I only hope that 20 years from now, I can provide such a great childhood for my kids.

Sadness: Y.A.W.S. is dying

September 14 2005
I have slowly come to terms that the progressive decrease of Y.A.W.S. members has led to the sad realization that when I am president of this former society, we shall only have but 7 members.

Edit: Y.A.W.S. stands for the Young Artist and Writers Society.

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September 11 2005

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You saw it here first, Kids!

(For those of you playing the home game,
OPEC: Organization of Petrolium Exporting Countries)


September 08 2005
Ok, I updated. I don't feel to good, but I'm still pretty happy. Schools going fine. Honestly I don't have alot to say. So.. give some props.


September 05 2005
I feel mentally drained right now. I know why, but I rather not go through the woodworks of the whole fiasco at the present time and location.


1. a. The physical phenomena arising from the behavior of electrons and protons that is caused by the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge. b. The physical science of such phenomena. 2. Electric current used or regarded as a source of power. 3. Intense, contagious emotional excitement.

The Flooding

September 02 2005
"I looked out my window, onto the padio to see the damage that had been done. Our house rested 15 feet in the air on stands, and yet the water was shored directly parallel to the padio. I looked over the brush of remaining trees to see that another, more vicious wave was coming. I hurried my wife and myself to the back room. The pressure of the wave hit hard, busting the all the windows out and when the damage had been done in the back, the pressure of the floor boards released and busted through the seems of the planks. In a matter of minutes our bedroom was filled to the ceiling with water. Somehow we were able to make it too the attic. Our attic was less developed as others, only having the framed 2x4 boards to walk along. If you stepped wrong, or tripped, you would fall through the drywall and crash into the water. We sat up there for 2 days."
"A few hours after I had been in the attic, I was able to bust a hole through the vents to the roof. The second day we saw a motor boat rummaging the newly formed lake. I shouted to him, Over here! Help, Please!, but they ignored us. Instead they went into our neighbors house and proceeded to loot the valuables, then left off to another vaccant home."
"On the later of that day, the water level had dropped enough that I could work with my remaining supplies. I discovered that my boat had survived the waves. Conveniently, I prepared for a flooding, but nothing of this magnitude. We could only bring a handful of items, such as medicine, with us. The boat was unstable in the hostile waters, and the motor of the boat was useless, now flooded with salt water. We rowed our way to safety with sigh of an unsettling relief, and a fear of what was to come."

The story my uncle, once stood strong, now a broken man.

Good Heavens

August 31 2005
Well, what a relief today was. First off, I'm back online. I got my new modem in today and just installed it.
Secondly, God spared my stupid stupid stupid stupid uncle's life today. He lives in Waveland Mississippi, roughly 1/2 a mile from the gulf's shore. He decided to wait out the storm. He was lucky enough to get him and his wife on their roof, and were rescued by a motor boat. He should have never risked this in the first place because he has epelepsy and wife has a thyroid tumor. Stupid Stupid man! But a sigh of relief sweeps across the family knowing he is safe. If only this could be said for the thousands of others trapped in that horrible nightmare.

I'm bored and Lonely.

August 28 2005
TheWEAPONof89 [9:46 PM]: You know, if you combined an innertube, a french horn, and a potato gun, with nuclear fission, you could cause some serious damage.
Trademarkofdoom [9:46 PM]: Heck yes!
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]: And what about that crazy dream I had last night
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: That was MY dream, Idiot.
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: Your a nutbag
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]: I know you are
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: ...
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]: ..
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: .
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]:
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: COFFEE!
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]: COFFEE!
Trademarkofdoom [9:47 PM]: yess...
TheWEAPONof89 [9:47 PM]: Indeed.
Trademarkofdoom [9:48 PM]: Hoorah! Victory is Mine!
TheWEAPONof89 [9:48 PM]: You have one this round Dr. Fender, but I will return!
TheWEAPONof89 signed off at 9:48 PM