A Night of Misery

April 28 2006
...and so I went to the concert at the Sports Com Pavillion. Everything was fine till some jerk set off fireworks in the middle of the crowd. I was standing over near a tree with some friends when we first heard a loud pop and then a squeeling noise. Lights started flashing and crap started happening. Before the commotion settles once again, Amilia got trampled in a mosh pit. The police and some emergency vehicles showed up.

As it persist, I'm interrigated by the cops about the fireworks, and then I'm searched. W. T. F. 
Appearently, somebody wearing a tyedie shirt set of the fireworks. People pointed me out, when the only other people weareing tyedie were Andrew Fraiser and Alec Bourice, and as it goes, I asked who did it, and several people said their names. Of course I was discharged of any accusations when they didnt find anything on me, but once again.. W.T.F.  WHY WOULD I JEPRODIZE THE SAFETY OF MY FRIENDS!? Anyone who knows me well enough could tell you I wouldn't do something as STUPID as that. Secondly, I was already upset that my friend got drop kicked to the ground in a mosh pit and had to be taken away on a stretcher.


April 29 2006
woah sound crazy i hope that girl is fine


April 30 2006
yeah people need to learn how to mosh. a couple of my friends got punched after being thrown to the ground by guys in there. it was pretty dumb. sucks you had to be searched