February 22 2006
Right now, I just brewed the best cup of coffee ever. You have never had a cup of coffee this good. I know, because you've never had access to it.
This coffee was home grown in Antigua, Guatamala. It was hand picked, sundried, and completely organic. Alone, the coffee brewed black, it is so mellow, than even a person who drowns their cup in creamer would be pleased with how rich and mild this is.
How did I recieve this, you may ask? My stepfather visited Antigua since his father moved down there after travelling the world. Very cool.


February 25 2006
you hsve no idea how good a cup of coffee counds right now. ohhh man!

Carol Nixon

March 03 2006
tony!!! how have you been? i havnt seen u in like forever! mwah!