July 17 2006
Hey fellas. Sorry for the lack of updates.  Due to the fact that my secretive wireless network that I was using on my laptop decided to stop working coupled with my normal comp's internet stupidity is making my life difficult. So I am using Linbaugh's comp for now. So yeah. Nice to see you have a phusebox Mr. Shlykins! I have really nothing to report at this moment, sorry. I do want to wish Mr. Benny Pearce a nice first semester with his Nigerian brotha. Oh yeah, I also bought a nice shiny red Nalgene for ya Benny (if you still remember my breaking the other...), gimme a call when you want it. Anyways, that's about it. Till next time, stay clean. --Daniel

Ben Pearcy

July 17 2006
wow i can't believe you remembered... idk give me a call sometime i should be free. Ben

Sara Shaban

July 17 2006
hang out please.

Andrew Lykins

July 30 2006
wow you do exisit


August 02 2006
thats actually really profoundly true

Drew Mitchell

August 03 2006
Actually 4 people wrote me comments within an hour of that post so they aren't utterly meaningless.