DoNt KnOw WhAt Im ReAlLy DoInG

June 04 2005
yea so i just made this to comment on elizabeths site and so thats all i guess.....

PEACE OUT HOMIE G DOG NIZZLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan Moore

June 04 2005
hey kristen! welcome to the site!

elizabeth duncan

June 05 2005 are awesome.

Rachael Moore

June 05 2005
hi kristen!!!


June 06 2005
hey kristen, its sydney. hope ur having a good summer. so far mine has been pretty boring. peace out. sydney *}


June 06 2005
hey kristen! you should come more on wednesday nights! i hope you're having a good day!

Tyler Bittner

June 21 2005
hey look, a comment


June 25 2005
its kyle! i got one to comment... go to my site and comment..


July 01 2005
woa your pic looks like Dakota Fanning from "War of the worlds"


July 03 2005
pick me!!! i want to be a friend!!!