July 07 2005
I totally forgot about this thing...
well anywho ijust got back from the creek with sarah hulme and sean turner...itwas coolme and sarah jumped inbut sean wouldnt hahaha...and well i was grounded for a weekbut i got ungrounded yesterday ^.^ yes elizabeth i did something else really stupid...AGAIN!! but hey its me :-D Yesterday i went to sarahs baptism* and that was pretty nifty...and well here i am...

C-I-A-B-A-double T-A ciabatta


July 07 2005
sounds like fun

Bethany Bratcher

July 07 2005
Hey Kristen! Glad you remembered about phusebox! Hope to read more from you soon!

Michael Crowley

July 07 2005
hey whats up kristen? well havnt talked to you in a while..well hope your havin an awesome summer..love ya crowley