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Herding cows.

September 18 2005
Rap sucks. Let's see this week I was sick. My stomach didn't feel well so I was out Monday. This week nothing has really happened all that exciting. Friday was pep rally. So I sat with Drew and we really didn’t cheer for our football team cuss we suck horribly. Yeh, the night before the game Smyrna People came over to our field in the middle of the night and spray painted our football field, bleachers, and end zones with there colors. So I’m pretty sure we had to play Smyrna at a home game with there colors all over our field. And we lost not surprising. So anyway after the pep rally I went home with Will Shelton. And we hung out for a little. Then I went home and yeh. So I woke up at 8:30 in the morning and went to Jon's house which is only like 10 feet away from mine. And then we drove to Wills house again. To spend the day and spend the night. So at about 1 Josh and Joe came over. And we had to do farm work like herd cows and pick up extremely heavy rocks for some rock garden thing. So after we did that we all watched the Florida Tennessee game. We also lost sadly. Then we talked and hanged out then went to bed. Woke up then went to Wills church. Josh and Joe got picked up at the church and me Jon Will and I went back to Wills and pretty much did nothing. So at 2 I had to leave. And now im here typing. And very sore for that matter. So hook me up with plenty of them comments. Siya



September 10 2005
So wat is up my home dogs? Nuthin much here. Just chillen at the Holiday Inn. Yeah not reallly. Anywayz this week was pretty bland. Out on Monday. And a half day next week on Friday. We haven't had a full week of school since like the first week of school. So I did the stupid Rebecca test. Probably bombed it. And I busted the tube on my dirt bike so yeh that really sucks. O yeh guess wat? Blackman lost again! Wow this is not really surprising. And of course Riverdale won cus I saw the game on TV last night. Yeh they are that good. And my birthday is coming up like in a month. So I guess that’s good. The BIG 15! Now I can drive my parents around. Since when your 15 you can get a drivers permit. And can drive with your parents. woot woot! O yeh I just got back from an awesome grill out. At my best friend Bens house. He doesn't go to our school. Or any school. Because he's home schooled. Lucky! And so his friend Dallas and I were messin with instruments. And I was on the keyboard and he was on the acoustic guitar. And we surprisingly did some really cool stuff. Anyways I have church tomorrow so that’s good. So peace out a town down!


September 03 2005
Hello, Thanks for all the comments/remarks. Well this week was pretty random if you ask me. First off we go to school on Monday and the next day we are out of school. I know its cuss the hurricane. But nothing really hit us besides some semi strong wind. And the rest of the week was pretty bland. We didn't have a pep rally cus the stupid election that no one even took time to vote for. And I really don't even remember who had won or lost. anywaz. So then on Friday we had to do the stupid mile run in Gym. And to my surprise I actually came in first. I was like wow! And to beat it you had to beat it in 8 minutes. I did it in 6 minutes and 56 seconds. So go figure. Well then that night I met up with my partner in crime Drew Nickdao to go tp the Blackman versus Riverdale game. Then Drew and I met up with Lindsay and Myriah. o and there followers Will and Jeremy. They were really awesome. I made new friends! So we all hung out not really watching the game at all. O and in case any of you are wondering the score. Blackman almost won! I mean we only lost by 63. Yeh Riverdale kicked ourbutts badly. But who cares at least I had a good time. So then Drew and I left. And we went to his house and I got to spend the night! We played Xbox live on Halo 2 for a while. Talk about fun! Well I hope all of you have a great three day weekend. So peace.


Monkey grass baloons!

August 26 2005
Hi guys, Wats been goin on in your lives. Not much here. Well the second week of school is over. And if you ask me it was over rather fast. And we have alot of pep rallys. Well I havent done much stuff this week. I've realized there isn't all that much to do when yu go to school. But in the summer yur kinda wanting to go back. But now that everyone has met and seen everyone. We have to learn. And let me tell ya some of my teachers suck! This week i've noticed just how stupid some people really can be. Some people I never would have know could be so stupid. And I dont mean like smarts. I mean just the things people do act and say. And it starts to make me think people really do change. And I think high school affects that. Now onto a diffrent subject. I really think i'm going to try out for the tennis team it looks really fun. And I have always thought it looked intresting.I've really been starting to know who my true friends are these days. The ones that are always by yur side and never do you wrong. Well i'm going to be doing alot with my friends tomorrow. So yeh. Bout the only excitement I get. So leave me a bunch of comments and or remarks. Peace out a town down!!


High school is good.

August 15 2005
Hey, Well high school is really diffrent. But i guess in a good way. It has a whole lot more freedom. And more stuff to do. So i think i will really enjoy it. But I still can't believe I got homework on the first day of school.


High school tommorow

August 10 2005
Heya, well I did alot of things in Gatlingburg. I won on this big go cart track. I got really scraped up on this alphine slide thing and I went to Dollywood. I did other things just don't really feel like saying it all. But the half day of school is tomorrow. So this summer went by way to fast.


Sorry I havent updated.

July 30 2005
Well guys, Sorry I havent updated in a while. I guess I can Say I've done quite alot of things these past few weeks. Like Jon,Joe, and Josh and I went to go see War of the worlds. It was really good. Basically everything was an action scene. And well the books I'm supposed to read. Lets just say thats not doing so good lol. And I've been swimming alot at Jons house. Thats bout the only thing to do. Cause me and everyone else I know are bored out of our minds. So then on Wendsday me and Jon went to go see some bands. One was Touch. They were really good. The other was Knapsack Heroes. They were ok but they were the kind of band that had rap singers with guitars. And today once again me and Jon did somthing. We went to Nashville shores. It was ok besides it was really crowded. And im so red that it hurts. Bad!!! Well thats bout it. O yeah some exciting news. School is less than two weeks away!


High School.

June 29 2005
Well I can't really believe High school is coming. I mean it seems like yesterday my mom was taking me to my first day of kindergarten. I think High school will probably make a big change in my life. And I really can't wait. But I know the first week im there i'll be begging to get out!